Awards & Rules

Good luck to all participants!

Awards:  Special Medals will be awarded to First, Second and Third place in each division.
1st place Gold    2nd place Silver    Two  3rd  place Bronze

  • Santa Cruz Open Customized Foam Shield for the best Supporting Schools.
  • Santa Cruz Open Kicking Targets for all Supporting Schools.

Rules:  Modified USA TKD rules will govern the competition.  (Except World class Division)

There is absolutely no head contact for competitors age 7 & Under (All Belts) and 11 & under (Color Belt Divisions).

Junior Safety Rules will apply to the 8 – 14 YEAR OLD BLACK BELTS, 12 & OVER ALL COLOR BELTS, 33 & OVER BLACK BELT DIVISIONS. A head contact producing a minor injury (bruising, abrasion, or bleeding) will result in a one point deduction for the attacker. Excessive head contact resulting in the inability to continue will disqualify the attacker at the discretion of the referee.

JSR: No head kicks with any turning kicks (spin hook kicks, back kick, turning round house kick…)

Full head contact is allowed for 15 ~32 YEAR OLD ALL BLACK BELTS ONLY with three points being awarded for legal head contact or 4 point for any kicks delivered with spinning techniques.

*Single elimination for free sparring.


Age / Rank

Duration Quantity                      Rules
Age 7 & Under   (All Belts) and 11 & under (Color Belt Divisions) 1 minute 2 Rounds      (No   Head Contact)
Age 8 – 14 (Black   Belts) 1 minute 2 Rounds                   JSR
Age 12 and Over   (Color Belts),  33 and Over (Black Belts) 1 minute 2 Rounds                   JSR
Age 15 & 32 (Black Belts) 90 Seconds 3 Rounds            (Full Contact)

Tournament Director reserves the right to modify  the duration and number of rounds, and rest period.